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richard krantz


Currently: MFA in Fine Art at Konstfack, Stockholm.
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news / log / updates



Images are sorted out. Now you can enjoy richardkrantz.org like it is supposed to be!






Some documentation of recent works is now up on the site.
bsgr, How to sustain economic growth after the apocalypse & Jura 4-Ever (II).

Also, here is an image from the recent screening at Galleri Fisk:


SPRING SCREEN VIDEO FESTIVAL at Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway. May 15th. One of my videos are being screened.

Participating artists are: Eli Maria Lundgaard (NO) Josefina Malmegård (SE)
Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard (SE) Angelika Szkucik (PL) Kevin Luna (SE) Camilla Topuntoli (SE) Richard Krantz (SE) Beatrice Orlandi (IT) Espen Pedersen (NO) Wendimagegn Belete (ET) Angelica Falkeling (SE) Dorota Tylka & Amadeusz Ferdu?a (PL) Madlen Hirtentreu (EE).


Website has undergone a bit of a redesign! To make it somewhat more structured you can now find a few selected works here. These are what I consider key-pieces. You can still find the whole archive, list of works too. Nothing is gone, only restructured to make it easier to navigate. <3



It felt so good up there, group exhibtion at Platform, Stockholm.

Participating artists are:

A. Erika Bergström
Dinnis Van Dijken
Sophie Erlandsson
Callum Harper
Alexander Höglund
Richard Krantz
Asgrimur Kuldaboli Thorhallsson
Erik Malmsten
Joran Stamatakakos
Johanna Stillman
Tessa Van Thielen
Florence Wild
Alva Willemark
2016-04-01: Website is undergoing a bit of a redesign. Might appear a bit wonky for the next couple of weeks.

Put some images of YAKA Collective's solo project at CCA Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow, that took place in December/Jan. Click here, or visit the YAKA webpage here.

The duo-show Ett rosalätt skimmer, with Carl Krantz, opens the 22nd of February at Götene Konstförening.
Thanks to KulturUngdom for help funding the exhibition.

Happy new year!
New work 'Charcoal Man' uploaded to the selected works-section.
Click HERE to see it.

Updated the Selected Works Section with some Drawings made during 2015. Have a look here.
Also the show with YAKA Collective is running at CCA, Glasgow til' the 6th of Jan, 2016.


Soon.... WHITE MOUNTAIN at CCA Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow, UK. <---- click link.

Find the FB event here!


For more information about the upcoming show White Mountain with YAKA Collective please visit the CCA website here;
Click here
You can also view some documentation of the previous YAKA Project Black Hole at the YAKA webpage;
Click here!


TWO upcoming shows with YAKA collective. BLACK HOLE / WHITE MOUNTAIN. Stay tuned for more updates and/or check the YAKA Facebook page.


Finally updated the selected works section with Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow? which was part of The Phoenix Bursary Exhibition at The Reid Gallery in Glasgow.

Some news;

* You can read an article about / interview with YAKA HERE<----.

* The opening of the Phoenix Bursary Exhibtion will take place at the 24th of July in the Reid Gallery, Glasgow. (More post more info / images in the following weeks).

* Upcoming group show at The Project Room, Glasgow. Title TBA, October 2015.

* Upcoming group show at CCA Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow. Title TBA, December 2015.

* I will start my MFA at Konstfack, Stockholm, later this year.


My old work The world's first patriot is featured in the online version of Tidningen Jelly. <<----Have a look.

I am currently moving studios and countries, so in the following months updates here might be more sparse on the website. However - one new work is up in the selected works sections, have a look here!

*Updated the selected works section with the new web-based work
www.everything-i-have-ever-bought-on-amazon.com. <--- click to launch it directly.

*Updated the selcted works section with the work Hollow Earth(s) which was part of the SO IT IS exhibition that I also helped co-curate as part of the YAKA Collective.
*Also, updated the ongoing project Leaving Dave behind with some recent drawings.
*Aaaand finally, here is a video about the SO IT IS exhibiton:
Yaka Collective : So It is from arts-news on Vimeo.

2014-12-06: Updated the selected works section a bit. First there are some new pictures of the work Bomb from the group show Endurance at Govanhill Baths, Glasgow, that I took part in in August.
Secondly I have uploaded the video work Eroision / Failed Fake Waterfall.

I and co-curating the group show 'SO IT IS' as part of YAKA collective. I will also take part in it with two new works. Click here for the Facebook-event page or here for the YAKA webpage.


A small feature in A-N about the Mouthfeel show:
Click here.

2014-09-25: 'Selected works' - section updated with two new works from the current group show at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh,

2014-09-20: Video about the recent group show at Govanhill Baths I took part in:
Olivia Guertler : Endurance Exhibition from arts-news on Vimeo.


2014-09-05: Poster for the upcoming group show Mouthfeel at EMBASSY Gallery in Edinburgh, UK.


2014-08-22: Poster for the upcoming group show Endurance at Govan Hill Baths in Glasgow, UK.


* I've updated the selected works section a bit, with two works...
* You can now find me on instagram: krantzify.


2014-08-01: SOME NEWS!

* Endurance, upcoming groupshow at Govanhill Baths, Glasgow, 22nd August - 4th September, 2014.

* I am co-curating and co-organizing the group show SO IT IS in November in Glasgow. If you want to apply for the open call to take part in it, please visit YAKA.

* I am currently aritst in residence at RUD AIR. (Robyn Leroy-Evans is here for the full month of August as well.)

2014-07-06: Some documentation is up of my piece in the annual members' show at Transmission in Glasgow, UK. Have a look here.
Also, if you want, have a look here for an article on the Fine Art Showcase in The Skinny. Click here for a newsclip about the same on BBC.
2014-06-25: My extended BA essay is now online.

2014-06-05: Updated the selected works section. Two new pieces. One sculpture and one drawing.


1): I've got a piece in the show Vision and Values at Transmission Gallery, it's the annual members' show. It is on until the 28th of June.
2): There will be an exhibition of drawing/prints at Wimbledon College of Art in London, where myself and my BFA GSA yeargroup are taking part. I'll post more info about this in due course.
3): The most important one, due to the events a couple of weeks ago, there will not be a Fine Art Degree Show in the Mackintosh Building this year. This is of course very sad, but there will be a substitute in the form of a Fine Art Showcase running the same dates in McLellan galleries, close to the GSA Campus. Read more here and here. Pictured below is a snapshot of me installing what would have been my degree show, taken by Barbara Loisch. Hopefully some of the works survived and that I can display them later this year.


2014-05-07: I'd like to thank KulturUngdom for partially funding my upcoming residency at RUDAIR. They are very helpful and nice people.


2014-04-25: BFA Degree show... opens the 14th of June @ GSA Mackintosh Bld, Glasgow... stay tuned... /r...


2014-03-25: I'll be artist in residence at RUD AIR during August 2014, looking forward to it!

2014-03-01: The kind people at the Art School has put up some documentation of the recent Beyond the Oort Clouds show. Have a look HERE.

2014-02-25: Finally some updates in the selected works section. Some new works (and new installation versions of older work) from the recent 'Beyound the oort clouds' solo show.
[to see Tim Dalzells' part of the show, please click here.]


2014-02-04: BEYOND THE OORT CLOUDS - Solo show - Two parallel solo shows with the same title - (with Tim Dalzell) at the Art School Union, Glasgow, opening the 19th of February. ***CLICK HERE*** for the event page on facebook.


2014-01-20: Perfect Boyfriends - Group show at The Glasgow School of Art. Tomorrow! Find the event on facebook here; **CLICK HERE**. Otherwise a lot of things are happening, more about this in due course...
2013-12-10: MERRY CHRISTMAS //RICHARD : Some documentation from my ongoing annual christmas project is now up. Please take a look here.
---->ALSO: Please have a look at the new work Disappointing Mirages

2013-11-12: SELECTED WORKS SECTION UPDATED with the work Oolong's last performance (reenactment).
ALSO I am trying to get more active on social media, such as tumblr etc. I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but you can follow me here. Might post stuff you might find fun or interesting or somehing.
2013-11-04: SELECTED WORKS SECTION UPDATED with two works that I made a while ago but haven't had the chance to put together documentation of until now. They are called Wheat etc and Yamartino 1984.

2013-10-21: SELECTED WORKS SECTION UPDATED with the work The end of it all. Also, this as a bonus. :-)

2013-10-18: SELECTED WORKS SECTION UPDATED with the video work Gentle Breeze. Will update with more new works soon.
----> ALSO the work The world's first patriot will be published in the first issue of Tidningen Jelly, it is managed by Siri Frances.

2013-09-18: UPCOMING PUBLICATION - Part Time Life; A few drawings of mine are going to be in it, it is organized and put together by Ole Brolin and Erin Goldberger. I have no idea when it will "hit the shelves", or who else is going to be in it. But I am sure it will be great, I will keep you posted.

2013-09-03: SELECTED WORKS SECTION UPDATED with some new works from the show DJÄVLAR ANAMMA at Studio 41 in Glasgow: The world's first patriot, =/ or How I feel about scandinavian design, Here by accident, Home & Copper & Gold. ALSO the work I want to be forgotten, exhibited at the annual members show at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow is now up on the site.

2013-08-06: I will be assisting artist Sogol Mabadi at Malmö Konsthall, Sweden, as part of the "24 Spaces" exhibition, 9th - 18th of August. Hope to see you there!
Read more here! Or... here. And here.

2013-07-29: DJÄVLAR ANAMMA: Show with Melanie Wiksell and Carolina Andreasson opening the 1st of Aug! This Thursday! At Studio 41 in Glasgow, UK. Please come.
HERE is the Facebook-event.

2013-07-10: UPCOMING EXHIBITION:Djävlar Anamma at Studio 41 in Glasgow! With Carolina Andreasson and Melanie Wiksell.
OPENS 1st of August 2013!

Click HERE for more info!

2013-06-30: WROTE A TEXT for Tidningen Kulturen, read it HERE, it is in Swedish.
ALSO the opening of the 3-ppl show (with Melanie Wiksell and Carolina Andreasson) Djävlar Anamma at Studio 41 in Glasgow is only a month away. Will post more info about this soon! Stay tuned.

2013-06-18: GROUP SHOW; Do not miss the Annual Member's Show at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow! 2nd - 27th July, opening on the 29th of June 7-9pm!

ALSO here is the poster for the GLOMA exhibition in Madrid I am also taking part in:

2013-06-06: UPCOMING GROUP SHOW; I am taking part in the group show GLOMA at C/ Atocha 43 (local) in Madrid, Spain, 27th - 30th of June. The work I will be showing is the collaborative 1:8, made with Tim Dalzell.

2013-06-01: SELECTED WORKS SECTION updated with three new pieces of work, that was part of the recent group show at The Glasgow School of Art. Two of them are made in collaboration with Tim Dalzell.

2013-05-26: GROUP SHOW - webookedthespacesaweekbeforedegreeshow.jpeg the 29th of May, in Barnes Bulding of the Glasgow School of Art. Go HERE for the Facebook-event. Please come along!

Also---> A FEW OF VIDOES OF MINE ARE BEING SCREENED at the opening night (May the 31st!) of Seeking Space 2013, the 4th annual official Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) group show, in New York. You should go if you live / happen to find yourself in the US.

2013-05-16: TEXT. I wrote a text about how I feel about the upcoming book Befria kulturen från politiken, by Fredrik Segerfeldt. Read it HERE. (It is in Swedish).

2013-05-03: UPCOMING EXHIBITION: Myself, Melanie Wiksell and Carolina Andreasson are putting on show titled Djävlar Anamma at Studio 41 in Glasgow, UK, in August 2013. More info about this in due course.

2013-04-30: ASSISTING David Sherry in a performance peice at the opening of his solo show Humanist Cumulative at Patricia Fleming Projects Gallery in Glasgow, UK. It opens the 2nd of May. Please come along. Click HERE for the facebook-event.

2013-04-24: SELECTED WORKS updated with some images of the collaborative zine SPOLE, which I've made with Carl Krantz. If you are in Stockholm, Sweden, this weekend (27-28th of April) you can buy a copy at The Stockholm international Comics Festival at Kulturhuset.

2013-04-17: ZINE RELEASE: Me and my brother Carl Krantz are releasing our first collaborative zine titled SPOLE, (meaning COIL in Swedish). The zine is 40 pages in balck and white and contains 4 stories / comics that we have made together. You can buy the zine at THE STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL COMICS FESTIVAL 2013, which takes place at Kulturhuset the 26th - 28th of April. I will update the "selected works section" with some images of SPOLE soon!

 photo SISF2013_170x200-eng-px1_zps2f45d232.png

Also: A new JPEG-work is up in the "selected works section". It only exists as a digital image at the moment but may be turned into something more in the future. Have a look HERE.

2013-03-19: SELECTED WORKS UPDATED with the new work First Kiss that was part of the group show "3 Year Sculpture" at Grace & Clark Fyfe Gallery in Glasgow, UK. Click HERE to see pictures and read a bit about it.

2013-03-05: VIDEO SCREENING at CCA in Glasgow this thursday - the 7th of March. The project is called "From plinth to popcorn" and is curated and organized by Rachel Levine and Alex Harvey. A new video of mine is being screened along with others, in a cinema context. So, please come along. Read more here!

2013-03-02: I made a blog about a week ago, where I intend to write a little bit about art and culture, commenting on the current news feed etc. It feels good to have a channel where I can do this. So far I have written one debate article / blog entry about the Swedish Armed Forces latest PR-campaign, "Vad håller du på med?". It is in Swedish and I reckon most entrys will be. You can have a look at the blog HERE.

Oh, speaking of writing - I also uploaded PDF-versions of two essays I wrote about a year ago. I put the links in the growing "selected works"-list. They are not "works" as such, but part of my practice in another way. Hope you enjoy reading them. If you can't find them in the list you can look HERE and HERE. I do not claim them to be great pieces of writing, but I think you can get something out of them. And after all, it is quite sad with all the essays being written every year by art studenst that never is published nor read by anyone.

Some news; A new work is up in the selected works section - Towel.

Also, I am taking part in a group show in the Grace & Clarke Fyfe Gallery in Glasgow, UK. The show will open on Thursday the 28th of Feb 2013. There will also be a follow-up exhibiton about a week later in Barras Art And Design, also in Glasgow. I am not in the second one, but you should go to both!
------>Facebook event
------>Poster (click image to enlarge)179627 10151732106976258 2092396052 n

2013-01-17: Big thanks to Artipelag, Cirkulationscentralen and Gallery Steinsland Berliner who replied to the postcard project, Merry Christmas //Richard. I put their responses up for everyone to read HERE. Hope you enjoy - and thanks again. You totally made my day. //Richard

2013-01-16:Hello! Some news:
*A new work called Ambivalence I is online here.
*I made a painting with the interesting tool The Paintshop, by Jonas Lund. You can buy it here if you want to.
*I put some more drawings up in the Selected drawings 2012-section.
*I will soon put up some of the respones I got from the Merry Christmas //Richard-project as well. I am just going to wait a bit longer to see if any more gets in.
Other than that I am working with a bunch of various things in the studio. Good times. /R

2013-01-03: You can now watch an interview with me (and also Tim Dalzell) about our exhibition Exotic Matter, and some other things, on ArtByVideo. Have a look!

2012-12-13: "MERRY CHRISTMAS // RICHARD", new work - please have a look HERE!

2012-11-29: I know that there's been a while since my last update here - I've been very busy in the studio which is a good thing. I have however updated the "selected works"-section with some new stuff. First there's some drawings you can look at here and also a brand new sculpture called "Poor Swing" here./R

2012-10-31: Some documentation from mine and Tim Dalzell's joint exhibition Exotic Matter is up! Have a look:

2012-10-27: A while ago I was interviewd by Sofia Landström for ArtByVideo, a really great site showing interviews with artists (and art students) in a casual but intimite way. The video will be online soon, in the meantime check out this trailer/preview thing she made. Click here.

2012-10-15: Me and Tim Dalzell are putting on a joint exhibiton with collaborative work the 19th of October, in GSA's 'FRONT SPACE'. Click here to go to the event-page on facebook.

2012-09-27: Three brand new pieces I've made in collaboration with Tim Dalzell are up in the selected works-section. Enjoy!

2012-09-15:Even more works up in the "selected works"-section. I'll put some more there later as well. All the best /R

2012-09-05: I have updated the selected works-page with a few works. More will follow. Keep checking! /R

2012-08-29: I made this website a few days ago. I am using indexhibit and it works good. However, it is still under construction and there's lots of stuff to do. Right now all you can do is to have a look at my cv. But keep checking the site, it will grow a little bit every day. If you really crave to see some of my work, you can have a look at this site. However, it is a bit wonky and mostly in swedish.